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paterson31. (Rostrevor- 2017)

I’m sure like the majority of you balding freaks like me, you are full of self doubt and anxiety about will I or won’t I?. I’ve been thinking about this for 4 years, possibly longer.

Well today I done it. I was no nervous about it all. Will it turn out ok,can I conceal it,should I just keep my head shaved and man up? But the truth of the matter is, I hated losing my hair and having a shaved look (even though I suit a shaved head) but still, my self esteem had taken a serious knock since I started shedding some 6-7 years ago. So finally I done something about it.

I’ve researched many clinics around the world and especially here in Turkey. But one in particular caught my eye, it’s called New Age clinic in Istanbul. I gotta say, they are the nicest people I’ve met. So funny and down to earth. Especially the receptionist/coordinator Fernanda. She’s a Brazilian girl living in Istanbul. Apart from the Surgeon, she was the only one whom could speak English. Ohh and the owner, whom I met at the end. He was such a cool charismatic guy!

So I met Fernanda in the morning after been taken from my hotel by a chartered taxi from the clinic (the hotel is amazing and the food is spot on by the way. Also, its full of people like you and I. Everyone wearing bandages on their heads and smiles all round)

So Fernanda welcomed me as soon as I arrived, she gave me some water and some pills to take. Pain killer,valium and something to settle my stomach after my breakfast. Then I met the surgeon Dr Ilker Apaydin. He was instantly likeable. We didn’t chat about hair or any of that stuff for the first few mins, he was just asking about my life and I asked about his, we had a great down to earth conversation. Then we talked business. He told me what he could do and couldn’t do. I had quite a large area to cover and he didn’t want to over harvest my hair, so we decided to do 2 3rds of my head. I was a tad disappointed by this as I wanted as much done as possible, but he insisted that it was as much as he was willing to do for the first session and then we could maybe look at it again when my hair grows.

So in I went, got my hair washed by some young lady, then I gout ushered into the operating room. At this point I was so anxious, to the point where I was going to cancel. But then the valium kicked in, and at that point, I would have let you amputate my arm ????.

They shaved my head and cleaned it with some stuff and then washed that off. Then came with worst part of the whole experience, the anaesthetic. But to my surprise, it was so simple. A few moments of closing your eyes and squeezing your fists together, but that was it! It was so simple.

Then in came the Doctor. He put his phone onto a speaker and put on some cool 80’s tunes and then started to extract my Grafts. It was such a pleasant experience, the tunes were great and the conversation with the doctor was fun and I was happy. This lasted for about 2 hours, then the girls took over to pull out each graft and assemble them in dishes according to size. 1’s 2’s 3’s etc.

After this, the doctor came back to make incisions into my scalp for my new hair, I needed more anaesthetic at this stage, so the applied the same. Easy peasy. Then he stared making the tiny holes. Again, he put on his music. At first some cool old school rock came on, but then I was disgusted when I heard Celine Dion. The Dr went down slightly in my estimation. But he redeemed himself when some early Michael Jackson came on.

After this, we had lunch. Fernanda (the Brazilian girl) came in with me to have lunch and chat to me as the rest of the girls couldn’t speak English. Fernanda is such a cool down to earth girl! We chatted and laughed for 30 min or so. Actually, she would come in every so often and we’d chat about everything. I was really glad she was there!

Then the nurses came back and started implanting my grafts. It was so easy, I was listening to my music at this stage and the were chatting away to each other, it was so relaxing. Then that was it, I was done. It took 8 hours in total, but it didn’t feel like that. I had lots of fun and I was made so comfortable.

Then at the end, I met the owner of the company, he was such a cool guy. He told me about my after care and how to wash my hair. Then I told him I’d be staying in Istanbul for another 9 days, to which he replied “ok then, no need to worry about your after care at all, I’m going to get my staff to was and treat your hair every day for the next 9 days for free”

How cool is that!!
Best experience ever guys. Such a great clinic.
New age clinic Istanbul. Check it out.

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Mamitadk. (Copenhagen- 2017)

I did have a rhinoplasty and also a canthopexy with Dr Oz yesterday. The totally paid was 4900 Euros. There is a package witch includes:
The 2 procedures
1 night at the clinic
Hotel stay in at very clean and cozy hotel in the area of Nisansati. It is one of the best districts shopping in Istanbul 🙂 You will find Chanel, Lv and many other high end class designer stores. Hotel is cozy, clean in my room I have all what I need and it is new 🙂
Transport from when you land in Istanbul to when you leave.
All the medicines requiere

And the more important you will be in the best hands to take care of you.

I chose Dr Ozge, because my friend did recently a nose job with Dr Ozge. She was happy with the all over result and hi did a great job.

Before here nose job people though she was older than she was. She is 25 and now she just look even younger than her age.

My case is that I already have 2 nosejobs done the past 15 years and my nose needed to be smaller and pointed as I like. I also did my eyes (canthopexy) 1.5 year ago in Colombia, and even though the dr did a great job he was somehow a little bit careful ( I don’t know) and I don’t think my eyes was like I really wanted.

From the moment I start talked to Dr Ozge and his assistant Melten, I feel in great hands!

The Dr answer all my questions and did let me know what was possible to do for me. You have to remember that he is repairing a job somebody else did and that means he have to be the best. Think about he have to go and is my nose for the 3rd time…and make it look like it was the first time! And sure he did!

First time I got in contact with Melten, was the 10 of February and here 2 months and 1 day later I lay in the hospital bed, very happy with what I see.

Melten, it is an amazing, lovely and funny woman. She is dr Ozge assistant and will be the one you will have most of The communication with, but the Dr is available to answer questions if you may need.

Melten, was with me the whole waiting time,before my surgery. It was like having your sister or best friend with you. I travel alone to turkey so having her by my side made disappear my nervousness.

I really recommend Dr Ozge, for nosejob and if you want to have your eyes like and beautiful and exotic almond 🙂

Thank you Dr Ozge and lovely very professional Melten. I already looking for the next visit to Istanbul.

Ps. Before and after photos will be posted after I get remove my plaster and stitches this week 🙂

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AyaChan. (Kansas City- 2017)

Dr Ozge Ergun is such a skilled surgeon. I have not expected any surgeon to be able to make such a major change in my nose honestly. Along his skills and expertise, he is kind and humble towards his patients and the people that work with him. He is not one of those plastic surgeons that will tell you to undergo “this and that procedure” just to make money. On the contrary, he will tell you “you don’t need it”. His spoken English is good and he will answer your questions. He has such a calm and professional manner. Mel, his patient coordinator, is a kind lady, her English is great, and she helps answer questions as well, anytime. NewAge clinic is very organized and I would recommend Dr Ozge Ergun and clinic to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery! I will go back myself in the future 🙂

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Lulumen. (Johannesburg- 2017)

Since I was born I suffered from a high forehead and I hate it. It was a dream of me to lower my hairline. I did a lot of researches and went to many docs for an inhouse consultation. Nobody did it. After a while I found the Newage Clinic and send my photos to them. The patient coordinator answered me the same day and I received detailed informations.I asked for before/afters and she send me some which were awesome and so I planned everything, booked my flight and did my hair transplantation with FUT method as FUE was not possible.He did a test but the grafts did not allow him to go on with FUE. 2476 grafts have been transplanted. Looks very good but just 6 month past and so I have to wait for few month more to see the result.I recommend him to everyone with Afro textured hairs as he has experience and a great assisting team. Thanks to all of the staff !

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Aghen. (Kuala Lumpur- 2017)

Highly recommend Dr. Özge Ergün to anyone who is thinking about performing a breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Oz was recommended to me by a friend, who had her procedure done last year. When I had my skype consultation with him, I knew that I was going with him. When I met the staff I was impressed about how they work. Everyone was very professional, answered questions I had for them, set realistic expectations and provided me with honest opinions and answers. They made me feel comfortable and trust that I was in safe hands. I had my breast augmentation surgery one month ago and I am in the “recovery period.” I feel great and love the results. Everybody around me is impressed about how it looks still after one month. Thank you Dr. Oz and staff J Definitely my best plastic surgeon in Istanbul.

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Kadmkhn. (Vienna- 2017)

I had my hair transplant surgery done with Dr.Ilker Apaydin ,the best surgeon I have ever met after many researches . He is really an artist with an amazing aesthetic approach . I was assisted by the patient coordinator Ms.Setenay which was very helpful and reachable any time for my questions and now I m at the 9th month post op and I m very satisfied with the recent result .
It is a great feeling when people tell me how much more younger I look with my hair restored. What really impressed me with the surgery was how easy it was to do. I have reccommended to my friends suffering from the same problem . If you consider a hair transplant dont postpone . Go and have it done at NewAge Clinic .

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Jennihon. (Stockholm- 2017)

The Nose I was looking forward to do was little fake and nobody wanted to perform it. Nobody made any explanation why they do not want to do it. I thought it was because only it looks very fake. Than I send my photos and wish photos to Dr Oz and his assistant came back to me and they informed me about details which nobody did before. I understood that the reason was not because how it looks.Medically it should not be done as it will cause me further problems. Than we discussed everything during an online consultation and I decided to fly over. He is very kind and he showed me many many before/afters and we made a simulation together and I did it. The after care wasn’t that much painfull and the recovery was faster than I had expected. 3 month past and I love my nose and for me it looks “perfect” !!!

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Leila K. (Amman- 2016)

It was not an easy decission for me to fly over to a foreign country for having a surgery. First I got in touch with the patient coordinator and she helped me a lot as I really bothered her with my questions. She answered very quickly and in details which was a plus for them. I had a mastectomy surgery and than a reconstruction with anatomical implants. Thank you Dr. Oz for taking time to listen and answer all my questions. Iam so happy as my breasts look even better than before the surgery. Honestly I never thought that they will look so fantastic. A big thanks to the clinic staff and the driver who helped me a lot. I highly recommend Dr. Oz and his clinic and it is worth it.

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Firas A. (Abu Dhabi- 2016)

I want to say thank you to Dr.Ilker Apaydın and his lovely staff at NewAge Clinic. Everytime I came into the clinic I was welcomed . Dr.Ilker made me feel comfortable discussing my options for Hair Transplant.I was willing to have the extraction method only because I was realy considering the Fut scar . But after my consultation with him I changed my mind and decided to go a head with    Fue / Fut combination surgery as he recommended to me because I had really wide balding area which was impossible to cover in one single session . I have had 5000 grafts transplanted and I m really happy with recent solution and looking forward to get the final result .
I felt very safe and secure during the procedure and  my clinic visits. All local transfers were provided by the clinic and it was  really amazing to know that there is some one reachable 24/7 to assist you after the procedure . I have  already  recommended NewAge Clinic to my friends and colleagues.

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Narita H. (Kentucky- 2016)

My new breasts are much more natural looking and the feel softer . I feel more confident wearing shirts that show my cleavage because I look natural . The procedure to switch my implants from saline to silicone was definitely worth the money and recovery .
During my stay in Istanbul I had few post op  controls with Dr.Ozge and 24/7 online reachable assistance of the patient coordinators  and I really appreciate the daily follow up and care .
I am super pleased with the results

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Leyla S. (Dubai- 2016)

I have had un-proprtionally large breasts since my pregnancy 32 years ago . I considered breast reduction surgery every time my head, back and neck hurt from the weight . The fear of a long ,painful recovery and loss of sensation were the main reasons for my procrastination. I couldnt have been more wrong. The post op instructions and pain medication kept me comfortable ,my scarring is minimal and complete sensation was maintained . I have to say that Dr. Ozge Ergun is an artist and he did a perfect job for my breasts.

Communication between me and the Patient Coordinator of the clinic Mrs. Setenay was amazing . She was very helpful during my decision making process. Special thanks for her . My recommendation for breast reduction surgery is not to wait.  I wish I had felt this great for the last 30 years.
Thank you Dr. Ozge and  lovley NewAge Clinic staff for you hospitality and care .

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Salem Y. (Amman- 2016)

Before I did my hair restoration I made a lot of researches and I knew that my best decission was Dr Ilker and when I went to the clinic I was really satisfied.
About the doc I do not have to mention a lot as he is really one of the best. The clinic and staff are more than I had expected. Good knowledge of English , friendly, hygienic,modern and they are very good organized. I am 8 month post op and until now the result makes me happy.
Thanks to All of you and my best wishes…

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Alexa D. (Birmingham- 2016)

My initial contact with NewAge Clinic  was courteous and helpful,Patient Coordinator Miss.Setenay  was super friendly. All of my questions were answered , the accreditation of the surgeon  and facility are very important to me. The brochures were very informative as well as the internet.
I read Dr. Ozge Ergun’s blog  which answered many questions and put me at ease. I did consider another plastic surgery office but yours was warm and fuzzy, took time to explain, I didn’t feel rushed and you didn’t suggest other procedures you thought I needed. Also, you were honest about breast augmentation size and didn’t try to make me go larger.
The financial arrangements and nursing staff were easily accessible if I had questions or concerns. The pre-operative package was fantastic! The pre and post-operative care met all of my needs. I feel so happy about my surgical results, I wish I had done it sooner. I would like to thank Dr.Ozge Ergun for his effort.

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Linda H. (Long Island- 2016)

It is my 67th day post op after my breast implant surgery.I have never felt or looked better in a bikini!
The recovery was much faster and easier than I expected and I am extremely satisfied with the result.
During the planning of my surgery Dr. Ozge Ergun took the time to inform me about the options, thoughtfully answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable and cared for every step of the process.
I would definitely recommend him to all my family and who ever looks for a decent plastic surgery.It has been worth the flight !

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Maha A. (Basra- 2016)

السلام عليكم
قد اجريت عملية شد الوجه قبل ثلاث اسابيع  في عيادة نيوايج في اسطنبول
في البداية كان التورم و الكدمات كثيرة  . قد نصحلي الطبيب باستعمال كمدات باردة و كريم خاص لازالة الكدمات , بلفعل حاليا خفو كتير . العملية كانت تستغرق ساعتين و نصف , تحت تخدير عام .
بقيت ليلة وحدة  في المشفى بعد العملية و اخرجني الطبيب من المشفى ثاني يوم العملية .
انا مبصوطة كتير ولاكن اجلت سفري كمان اسبوعين مشان يختفي كل اثار العملية و اشكر الجراح دكتور اوزغة ايرغون على معاملته الراقية معي و على عمله الرائع . وانشالله راح اعرض صوري بعد الحصول على النتيجة النهائية .
صحيح في المشفى الاكثرية ما بيتكلمو اللغة الانجليزية ولاكن المنسقات من  نيوايج كلينك اهتمو كتير فيني اثناء وجودي في المشفى و مالاقيت اي صعوبة في هده الفترة
بنصح هده العيادة للجميع و خاصتا الدكتور اوزغة ايرغون

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Ginger H. (Atlanta- 2016)

Dr. Ozge Ergun is the best and I’m glad I chose him to perform my hair transplant surgery. He made me feel comfortable and made my experience a positive one. He is truly a perfectionist and thanks to him I love to look again into the mirror.

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Lilly S. (Nürnberg- 2016)

Endlich habe ich meine Traumnase bekommen.Mit meinem Wunschbild und der Kunst von Dr. Ozge Ergun verbunden hat es super geklappt.Alles verlief bestens.Einplanung, Gespräch ,Operation und alles danach war einfach super organisiert.Nochmals herzlichen Dank an Alle

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Rania A. (Manchester- 2016)

I had a traffic accident few years ago.Some glasses crashed into my eyebrows and since that time ,because of a scar,they did not grow back.That’s why I looked for a surgeon who had a lot of experience and found Dr. Ozge Ergun from the Newage Clinic in Istanbul.They are so professional I really can not describe it but from my first require until the transplanting surgery everything was good planed and the follow up of Mel (patient coordinator) was really really trust and helpfull.I appreciate your effort and thanks to everyone in the clinic..

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Andrew R. (London- 2016)

I had an Fue and Fut Combo surgery at Newage Clinic with for 4800 Grafts . Norwood scale 6
I really enjoyed meeting you last week and wish all doctors were like you. I was dead set on not getting any surgical procedures and thought for sure after our meeting I would feel the same way. However, between you and the education you guys gave me, I’ve changed my mind. I have to wait until next July before surgery, but I will start using Propecia and Rogain in the manner you recommended .
I m pretty happy with your job and can not waiting to see the final result.
look forward to our future relations. Thank you for being so cool .

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Maria K. (Stuttgart- 2016)

Ob man will oder nicht,man wird eben älter.Ich habe durch die Alterung schlaffe Augenlider bekommen,Daher habe ich mich für eine Augenlid Korrektur entschieden.Das Vorgespräch und alle Details wurden mir deutlich erklärt.Die Operation verlief gut,Mitlerweile sind 6 Monate vergangen.Ich kann wieder sehr gut sehen und ich fühle mich wohler und jünger. Ein riesen Dankeschön and Dr. Özge Ergün und Fr. Mel,die mich bis ins Krankenhaus begleitet und alles für mich übersetzt hat.

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Sakhr A. (Dammam- 2016)

قد عانيت من الصلع لفترة طويلة و قررت ان اجري عملية زراعة الشعر.
صراحتا انا مبصوت كتير بالنتائج و حبيت اشكر الدكتور ايلكير ابايدن على صبره و عمله الرائع.
اجريت عملية الاقتطاف و الشريحة في نفس العملية بسبب كبر منطقة الصلع . قال الدكتور ان ممكن له الحصول على كمية كبيرة من البصيلات و تغطية مساحة كبيرة في جلسة وهحدة ,حوالي 4900 بصيلة . اول ما سمعت هل حكي صراحتا تردد شوي ولاكن بعد ما حصلت على النتيجة  شفت انو كلام الدكتور صحيح .وهدا كان افضل حل لحالتي.
بحب اشكر الكل على المعاملة الراقية خلال وجودي في العيادة و خاصتا اشكر المنسقة انسة ستناي على صبرها بتزويدي بكل المعلومات من البداية للنهاية .
اشكر الدكتور سيد الكير لانه رجعني الى شبابي .
مع كامل الاحترام

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Alena P. (Moscow- 2016)

Мою операцию 6 месяца назад провел Доктор Озге Эргун , хирург клиники Нюэйдж – он просто чудо и настоящий профессионал с современным взглядом на пластическую хирургию. Мне убрали жир из области живота, бёдер внутренняя и внешняя поверхность, бока, колени и подправил ягодицы с помощью липофилинга. Опытный хирург, он с первого взгляда оценил мою фигуру и не зря посоветовал убрать жир с коленей, я-то и не предполагала, что это делается, а в итоге это дало такой эффект! Ножки выглядят очень стройными, да и очень выгодно убрать там, где лишнее и добавить туда где не хватает) Перед операцией начиталась ужасов в интернете, а в итоге ничего страшного. Неделю дома посидела и вышла на работу.Так что, если доверяйте своё тело только лучшим, как я!
В Клинике всё было на высшем уровни, также и в больнице
Блогодарно всем и особенно доктору за хорошую работу

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Tariq A. (Dubai- 2016)

I had a hair transplant 13 month ago and my hairline and the result is really amazing.Highly recommend it.Thanks to the doc and the Newage Team.


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Rita M. (Ravensburg- 2016)

Dank falschem zupfen hatte ich fast keine Augenbrauen mehr.Ich habe alles probiert aber sie wuchsen einfach nicht mehr nach.Mit der Zeit hatte ich richtig kahle Stellen.Ich entschied mich daher für eine Augenbrauen Transplantation. Jedoch wusste ich nicht wo, wann und wie ich das machen sollte.Zum Glück gibt es ja Internet und nach einigen Forschungen kam ich auf die Newage Klinik in Istanbul.Zuerst dachte ich mir das es sich nicht lohnt nach Istanbul zu fliegen aber ich habe es dann mit einem Kurzurlaub verbunden.
Die Klinik hat meine Erwartungen ehrlich gesagt übertroffen.Sehr modern, hygenisch und freundliches Personal.
452 Wurzeln wurden in drei Stunden transplantiert und es tat nicht einmal weh. Auch danach der Heilungsprozess verlief angenehm bis auf Schwellungen, welche 2-3 Tage anhielten.
Jetzt nach 9 Monaten bin ich stolz auf meine “neuen” Augenbrauen und bin froh das ich es habe machen lassen.
Herzlichen Dank an Alle.


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Tristan K. (Sydney- 2016)

After tens of online consultation with Hair clinics in Istanbul I have met Newage Clinic. Average graft amount estimation was around 3000 grafts fue as my hair in the donor site was a bit thin and I was a Norwood 5 .
Newage Clinic was the only hair clinic who offered me a combination of both extraction methods. FUE and FUT; it was at first a bit confusing but Ms.Mel (patient coordinator) helped me learn more about the method and shared useful visual information.
After a few e-mails and some phone calls I was ready in mind to go for Newage .
It took only 2 weeks to make an appointment in Newage Clinic with Dr Ilker Apaydin and in a sudden I was on the Emirates Airlines flight to Istanbul with my fiancé.
Airport pick up was prompt and they brought us to the hotel in an hour ( the traffic was awful-do not make any hotel booking without consulting Ms Mel).
The day after my arrival ,  I had a consultation with Dr Ilker Apaydin and everything was flawless. Clinic was extremely modern and clean.
I can honestly say that you feel the proffesional approach from top to toe.On the other hand the surgery was a bit long and pretty boring even though I finished half season of one my favorite series on Netflix.I see on some comments about the pain during surgery but it was really comfortable and I prefer hair transplant rather than a dental treatment.
At the end we accomplished 4578 grafts by the FUE and FUT method and even at the end of surgery my fiancé found my new look great .
At least a post-op consultation occured where I get a hat and a band together with a medication kit. Professionally I also get everything wirtten.
In the night I took a valium and a painkiller and the night was painless as I did not feel anything.
The next day I got a pick up service from the hotel to the clinic for hairwash.  A nurse and Ms Mel explained and showed me how to wash my hairs the coming week. Even a written washing instruction ,step by step, was given to me.
I hope that this experiential report will be a guide for all foreign patients.

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Simone  J. (Aachen- 2016)

Nach doppelter Geburt hing mein Bauch und meine Brüste.Also fing ich an nach Ästetikoperationen zu Forschen.Auf gut Glück kam ich auf die Newage Klinik in Istanbul.Da die deutschsprachige Betreuung von vornherein sehr gut ablief entschied ich mich die OP dort vorzunehmen.Die Untersuchung von Dr Özge Ergün war sehr überzeugend.Eine Bauchstraffung sowie Brustrekonstruktion wurde vorgenommen.Bin jetzt 5 Monate post-op und fühle mich sehr wohl. Die Klinik ist wirklich nur zu empfehlen.

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Karim K. (Cork- 2016)

When I lost  my  hairs for the first time I decided to search a place from internet ,in wich I chould  be in safe and proffesional hands, to solve my hair loss problem. During my researches I saw that there is many clinics and centers  but  unfortunately I started to panic as I wasnt sure wich is the best to choose ! I was reading on hair loss forums that nurses are performing the whole operation and to be hounest I decided to postpone this idea .Few months later  my friend  recommended me NewAge Clinic, in wich ISHRS member surgeons are performing the operation. I immediately contacted the clinic to book an appointment . Finally I had my operation in this clinic  and I m so glad that I choise NewAge!.
Definitely grateful to all staff and especially to Dr.Ilker Apaydın for being so patient with me.


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Laura W. (Hampshire- 2016)

I have been doing ultrasound-assisted treatments and  just finished my  2nd treatment. It toned my muscles as well so I feel better as well as look better!  it’s affordable and the results supposidley last a great deal of time.
 definitely suggest trying it out

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Mike R. (Düsseldorf- 2016)

Habe zwei Haartransplantionen hinter mir und es verlief beides Mal sehr gut.Meine Ergebnisse sind Lobenswert.Danke an die Newage Klinik.

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Lamees H. (Jordan- 2016)

السلام عليكم
لقد اجريت عملية تجميل الانف و فعلا اقتنعت بخبرة الدكتور اوزغة ايرغون بعدما رايت ثقته بنفسه وانا سعيدة جدا بالنتيجة.
عادت الي الثقى بنفسي.
اتوجه بالشكر للاطباء و الممرضين وكل من ساعدني في هذه العيادة.
والان استمتع بمظهر انفي الجديد.
مع كامل الاحترام

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Alexander P. (Lindau- 2016)

Durch einen Freund aus Bregenz bin ich auf die NewAge Clinic in Istanbul gekommen,wo ich vor 10 Monaten meine zweite Haartransplantation mit der FUE Methode hatte. (Die erste OP war in einer anderen Klinik).
Dr. Ilker Apaydin ist wirklich ein super Plastik Chirurg und ein Mitglied von ISHRS.Das Team,deutsche Betreuung und die Atmosphäre ist nur empfehlenswert.
Nochmals herzlichen Dank

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Khaled S. (Riyad- 2016)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
قد اجريت عملية زراعة الشعر قبل سنة في كلينيك نيوايج.اريد ان اشكر الدكتور ايلكير ابايدن،اللذي قام باجراء المراحل المهمة في العملية بنفسه و طبعا اشكر الفريق الطبي على اهتمامهم و معاملتهم الجيدة.جازاكم الله خير

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Pierre. D. (Paris- 2016)

J’ai eu une seance de greffe des cheveux a la clinique NewAge. L’intervention s’est bien déroulée, sans douleurs grace au docteur professionnel ainsi que le personnel très accueillant.

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Ahmad. D. (Zürich- 2016)

I made my decision spontaneously about hair transplant and the clinic. But I assume this is just a luckiness. I can not even think if ı would get the same experience with any other surgeon. I personally wanna thank NewAge team for all their service and being the Real Team.

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Florent. G. (London- 2016)

I’m proud of being one of the Patients of NewAge Clinic. High level Clinic, with experienced surgeons and Professional team.

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Hashem A. (Bagdad- 2016)

لقد عانيت من الصلع و تساقط الشعر فنصحني اصدقائي بالسفر الى تركيا لاجراء عملية زراعة شعر
لقد كنت في حيرة من أمري نظرا لكثرة العيادات المتخصصة بزراعة الشعر في تركيا ، و لكنني كنت ارغب بعيادة يقوم الدكتور مالك العيادة بنفسه بإجراء العملية في عيادته و قد و قع حظي على عيادة نيو ايج كلينك
الحمدلله لقد أجريت العملية في العيادة و قام بإجراء العملية الدكتور ايلكير ابايدن ، أشكره و أشكر طاقم العيادة و المرافقين على الخدمات و التسهيلات لقد عاد إلي منظري الشبابي .
شكرا جزيلا لكم

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C. K. (Istanbul- 2016)

Dr. Ilker Apaydin and the general manager of the clinic Mr. Taner Haskan are both easy going and great guys. The staff and the clinic environment makes you feel very comfortable through all the process.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ilker Apaydin performed all the major tasks such as planning, removing grafts and opening channels by himself which is a very important detail since these processes are done by assistants in many other clinics. I also liked his realistic approach on the planning stage and professional attitude.

Overall my experience was perfect and to be honest I was expecting a more complex process before the operation but at the end of the day my feelings were vice versa. Thanks to the team who made this job so easy and comfortable.

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Toni B. (Milano- 2016)

I have got my fue hair transplant done at last. I can say so far I am completely satisfied with the service and the clinic.
I got the answers to all of my questions and it was a really personalized service. Special thanks to Dr Ilker Apaydin and Laila and the nurses.
I personally recommend Newage Clinic.

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Alaa S. (Jordan- 2016)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all your stuff, thanks for all the care and kindness you have shown to me before and after my hair transplant. Very professional and high level clinic.

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Hardy K. (Ulm – 2016)

Nach langem hin und her hatmich die Newage Klinik überzeugt.Mein Arzt war Dr. Ilker Apaydın. Der Mann kennt sich aus und auch die Angestellten in der Praxis sind Profis.Bin gespannt auf das Ergebnis.

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O. Al-Kharafi (Kuwait City – 2016)

I had my surgery performed at NewAge Clinic by Dr. Ilker Apaydin, and the experience was more than favorable.  I was initially hesitant about performing another surgery, considering that my first one did not produce desired results, so I began to do some research online.  I came across many reviews stating that surgeries performed in Turkey were being done at a very high quality, so now my next concern was which doctor and how would I be put to ease with my many questions due to the language barrier?

I submitted an inquiry to Dr. Ilker’s office asking for more information, and was contacted by Leyla (Patient Coordinator).  First of all, I must add that everyone (aside from the nurses) at NewAge Clinic speaks perfect English and everyone at the clinic is extremely friendly, professional, and go out of their way to ensure that your experience is completely relaxed and favorable.  I can easily say that the Tanner (Manager), Dr. Ilker, and Leyla are now like friends and I look forward to staying in touch with them, personally and professionally while I continue my post op procedures and beyond.

Now in regards to the procedure, I was initially a bit nervous and hesitant after my first experience, but all my questions were answered prior, during and after the procedure.  There was very minimal pain during the surgery, except when they injected anesthesia, and even during the procedure, if I ever mentioned any discomfort, or needed a break, or refreshments, they were all very attentive and caring to all your needs.  During the surgery, it was a long day, so that part was definitely exhausting, but the medical staff completely understands this point and they help make it much smoother.

Now regarding the NewAge team themselves, I could not be happier with my experience, they really go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable and happy as possible.  The manager Tanner even went on his own to surprise me with a soccer (football) jersey for a team that I really liked!  Leyla was always available by text, phone, or email to answer any and all questions, and she even helped me with a lot of things around Istanbul, prior and during my trip, to help me assimilate, and she would even help me to order food after the surgery so that I didn’t have to leave my place during the first couple days.  All in all, I am very happy that I chose Dr. Ilker and his team at NewAge, it was a big decision for my life, and now I am looking forward to the results of the procedure, which I can already see will yield positive results. 🙂

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F. Backer (London – 2016)

The City and Newage Clinic is really far beyond my expectations.Clinic atmosphere was professional but still intimate.From the first moment I step in the airport till I leave I felt a high level of hospitality from the clinic staff. As I previously had a few consultations in London and Brussels and was not satisfied finding Newage Clinic on Realself was my luck.
Thanks Newage Clinic and thanks Realself.

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Faisal A. (Riyad – 2016)

لقد كنت اعاني من مشكلة تراكم الدهون و الوزن الزائد و قد قمت بزيارة عيادة نيو ايج و اجريت عملية ليبوسكشن ( شفط دهون ) و خسرت وزنا بسهولة و دون الم لقد عادت لي الثقة بنفسي و عاد منظري الرشيق ، اصبحت اذهب الى التسوق دون خجل
فريق العيادة رافقني من لحظة وصولي الى المطار و في المشفى انهم رائعون اشكرهم جدا
جزاكم الله خيرا

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W.F (Edinburgh – 2014)

It’s been a year since I had my hair transplant in Istanbul with Dr Ilker. I was given the option of a straight-forward FUE procedure, but the surgeon recommended combining an FUT (strip) and FUE procedure in one day. It took about 10 hours in total, but the result was almost 5000 grafts!Dr Ilker transplanted from the front back into the crown, but didn’t cover all of it. The front is looking great, but the back still needs time to thicken up. Crown hairs apparently grow slower due to reduced blood-flow there.

Overall very pleased I went through this (even though it’s been a long year!) My experience at New Age has been great, with much more personal attention paid to each patient than many other Turkish clinics I visited.

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Connie (Garden NC- 2014)

Very pleased with the clinic. General Manager was more than I expected. Very friendly and made me feel very welcomed and assured me that they would take excellent care of me, if I choose their clinic.
I found that the prices were a little more on the higher end. I am from America and the prices there are around the same prices, that I was quoted, here in Turkey. On the other hand, I will most likely return to Turkey and have it done because New Age clinic gave me more assurance of being taken care of and I have many friends here and I also like to visit this country. ”

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Ibi (London – 2013)

I did and online consultation. Excellent customer service and thinking to do transplant with them. Thank you. ”

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B. Brahimi (Oslo – 2014)

Last 8 years ive had a slow but steady hair loss in sides and front, and for the last 2years ive been on Rogain wich it helpt for a wille mainlley to stopp the hairloss but never got my hair growth in to shape.

Ive been following the new procedures both FUT adn FUE, and i was felling confident that FUE rezults where so good at this stage that there was no holding bck enymore but to start the journey towards my new hair.

Mainlley i did chek the Posseidon clinc in Norway since it the closer one but wiht the pricing and low amount of pacients they have had i wasnt feling confident at all, i chekt abroad towards Germany and England, was somhow disapointed that they couldnt transplant more then 1500Grafs pr treatment adn with my need og 3000grafs+ i had to make several trips wich didnt help.

So when i started to chek up on Turkey it really got the ball going, specially since there is aboudence of clinics that do ofer the treatemnt but also the do treatments above 3000grafs.

My choice dropt on and boy i was lucky, as soon i sendt my info about what i was looking for the Manager called me on my office phone and we had a awsome conversation about the FUE hairtransplant, i sendt my pictures got the fedback the day after and 2weeks later on ok.20.2014 i was in Istanbul where the Clinic’s driver picked me up and the day after i did the procedure where 3520 grafs where transplanted, it tokk around 8 Hours i didnt feal eny discomfort or pain, i had seveal breaks in between but with high speed broadband and my pc streaming movies it whent like a dream.
And boy what a view i had wille the where working AWSOME.

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S. Robertson (London – 2015)

My motivation was to be more confident. I choose to come to Turkey to get away from friends and family in the initial few days until my donor area has healed and I can wear a hat. I will go back to work in 2.5 weeks right now I have 0.5mm of hair so that might be a challenge! I will keep you posted…

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G. B. (İstanbul – 2013)

Right now I am on my sixth day after my FUE surgery.

The surgery was painless as they told me before but boring (they ve also mentioned this as I am little hyperactive)

3000 grafts charged by 2 USD the rest was gratis. All my transfers during my stay was on the house. Clinic General Manager was personally in touch with me before my visit and during my stay.Right now I m on finasterid and start rogaine foam two weeks later. Till now I can not be %100 sure but what I see till now is professional and intimate.

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Abdallah S. (Abu Dhabi- 2014)

I had the first transplant with Dr. ilker when I was 28, it was 2500 grafts, 10 months later there was more that %85 success which made me think of another one just to make it look better, considering that -I already- have large forehead, so I thought that putting more hair will make it look better… and it sure did, I had the 2nd Op in Nov 2011, the success was high as well one year later, I just wasn’t happy with small gaps on the sides and wanted a lower hairline with more density.

although Dr. ilker said “why you are here? It looks very good already! ” I made a decision to have the 3rd (and hopefully the last one) to increase hair density on the front side, I just had it 10 days ago with more 2000 FUTs.

I did the PRP treatment as well, I have done it before and it had some positive impact on old hair health and look.

Long story short: I wouldn’t come back to Dr. Ilker and New – Age clinic in Istanbul if I haven’t had the great results I had from the 1st and second FUTs with them, Dr.ilker is a professional and capable surgent who indeed knowns what he’s doing, it’s also the advice and support of the clinic manager Mr. Taner and everyone from front desk to nurses and even the driver. They are the perfect team you would wish to have when you go through this treatment experience.

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Benjamin B. (Oslo – 2014)

Etter langvarig diskusjon mellom en venn bestemte vi for å gjøre noe med hårlinjen, siden vi hadde lest mye om FUE i det siste, begynte vi å søke etter en klinikk som kan gjennomføre transplantasjonen med gode resultater men også samtidig til en overkommelig pris. Vårt første søk endte på Poseidon Klinikken i Oslo og må sei ble meget skuffet at de kun tar inn pasienter en gang i uken men også samtidig sprer transplantasjonen ut over flere omganger som gjør at prisen ble godt over 100.000,- Nok pr stk.

Etter undersøkelse av land som USA Storbritannia og Tyskland falt valget på Tyrkia og New Age og her er det hvorfor, de er en av få kliniker som tar personlig kontakt med en hver pasient som i vår tilfelle, de er også en av få klinikker som tar seg tid og imøtekommer pasientens behov og krav men aller mest er det fordi dette er en seriøs bedrift som ikke prøvde å presse mer behandling under samtalen noe som fort skjer i andre Tyrkiske kliniker.

Vi ble kontaktet av Hr.Taner Haskan og 14 dager etterpå var vi i Istanbul og gjennomførte Fue transplantasjonen, først var det meg som ble behandlet av Dr.Ilker Apaydin og må bare sei at jeg var meget skeptisk til mye og kastet bort mye energi og tid pga staben i New Age er helt fantastisk, det er ingen smerte eller ubehag under hele transplantasjonen og oppfølingen med pauser mat og varm/kalde drikker er eksepsjonell. overførte 3620 grafer på ca 8timer noe er ganske lang tid men med pc på fanget og meget god trådløs internettilkobling gjekk dette kjempe bra, det skader ikke at du sitter i 12-te etasje og nyter fantastisk utsikt over Istanbul, dagen derpå var det min venns tur og han gjennomførte 3550 grafer og kjempefornøyde.

Fantastisk oppfølging med medisiner og råd underveis, kjempe stab som gjør sitt beste men også kjempegode fasiliteter gjør dette til en drøm, nå ligger jeg under duna på hotellet koser meg med mat og fantastisk fornøyde men samtidig spent på mitt nye hår.

At allt dette kostet under 30,000 kr er bare toppen av kransekaka, jeg anbefaler alle om å ta kontakt direkte med alt var Perfekt og lykke til med deres nye hår. Foto update kommer så fort jeg er hjemme 🙂

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Hakkan (Ankara – 2014)

Life was passing by and the hair so.I made a search around 1-2 months and visited a few doctors when I was in Istanbul.Dr Ilker’s approach was matching my expectation.I am not planning to look like 20 but will not say no for 35.The process was entirely comfortable but honestly very long.A delicate job and needs experience.Among the clinics I visited before my surgery only clinic in which Doc make the extraction
(pulling the hair out) was Newage. Also Dr Ilker Apaydin is an ISHRS member and plus he is a plastic surgeon.I feel I did the right choice and will see together in the upcoming monthsLife was passing by and the hair so.I made a search around 1-2 months and visited a few doctors when I was in Istanbul.Dr Ilker’s approach was matching my expectation.I am not planning to look like 20 but will not say no for 35.The process was entirely comfortable but honestly very long.A delicate job and needs experience.Among the clinics I visited before my surgery only clinic in which Doc make the extraction
(pulling the hair out) was Newage. Also Dr Ilker Apaydin is an ISHRS member and plus he is a plastic surgeon.I feel I did the right choice and will see together in the upcoming months.Life was passing by and the hair so.I made a search around 1-2 months and visited a few doctors when I was in Istanbul.Dr Ilker’s approach was matching my expectation.I am not planning to look like 20 but will not say no for 35.The process was entirely comfortable but honestly very long.A delicate job and needs experience.Among the clinics I visited before my surgery only clinic in which Doc make the extraction

(pulling the hair out) was Newage. Also Dr Ilker Apaydin is an ISHRS member and plus he is a plastic surgeon.I feel I did the right choice and will see together in the upcoming months.

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S. Reim (Dubai – 2013)

excited with this new step in my life.scheduled my fue hair transplant almost 2 months ago.I ve met the doctor in Dubai when they have come for medical presentation.Excited with the surgery and I hope it will be a new page in my life.Choosing an ISHRS certified surgeon is an important issue thats what I believe .

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Norbert K. (Köln – 2013)

Man wird von Vorne an schon sehr gut informiert.Auch habe ich mich sofort auf den ersten Blick in der Newage Klinik wohl gefühlt.Alles sehr sauber und steril.Mein vollstes Vertrauen.

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Abdulaziz (Riyadh – 2013)

Before 6 years ago i did FUT by hair transmed clinic it was good but not cover all my hair loss because it was big area. before 2months ago i decided to do FUE and search for better clinic i found a lot of clinic with low price but what I’m looking for is that professional doctor and excellent result. Really i hope to get what I’m looking for and i will update after i do my operation.

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D. Xavier (Lyon – 2014)

After a free consultation meeting up with the doctor himself, i was set for an operation at my own convenience, timewise. Being a short operation i was given the possibility of choosing the date with ease. The scar left before from a previous FUT is now fully covered – recovery was fast, and right 2 days after the operation i was at work: the doctor had, in fact, made the donor area completely invisible by leaving the hair around at its original lenght. This means the now redish donor area was covered and the blood clots that fell few day later could not be detected! Very pleased with the professionalism, and good care received.

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Ahmad (Kuwait City – 2014)

It was a great surgery. I went in and had a consultation the day before and felt assured by the doctor. They are very professional and explain everything before hand. The surgery was long but not painful at all. It’s too early to comment on the results but so far so good. I would definitely recomend newAge clinic.

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A. Dosary (Jeddah – 2012)

Professional and sparkling newAge Clinic thank you. A.Dosary and M.Dosary

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Z. Alkaabi (Abu Dhabi – 2012)

Thank you very much for everything.Me and my brother’s third month after the FUE has already passed and even now we are happy with the progress.Fast recovery was as you told me and in afew days I was in my office working. Best wishes from Abu Dhabi

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Andie (Dubai – 2013)

Marvellous team of hair transplant. I have done many searches and happy that I’ve chosen the right one. Plastic surgeon performed the harvesting and all the major parts of the surgery