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4D High Def Vaser Liposuction

Today, the terms “aesthetics and beauty” are now used in conjunction with the words “Healthy and Dynamic”. The beautiful body is also thought to be thin, athletic, and the appearance of the folds being prominent, that is to have a healthy, thin, young, dynamic look of gold standard. Of course, nutrition and sport are indispensable for our life. But genetic factors often make it necessary to receive weight gain or give extra help. Continue reading 4D High Def Vaser Liposuction

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Is Aesthetic Surgery Suitable for You?

In our day aesthetic surgery reaches every part of the society. Media loves it. It is the center of attention for reality shows, news channels, paparazzi articles. Art world loves it. Many famous actors apply to it. Marketing industry supports it. Local radio stations continuously talk about benefits of surgical procedures. Esthetical surgery is almost everywhere. But, how much of the society know really about esthetic surgery despite all the information? Continue reading Is Aesthetic Surgery Suitable for You?

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Does Beauty Really Worth A Fortune?

People learn the importance of the beauty since from their babyhood and childhood. Studies show that 6 month old babies smile more and spend more times by looking at attractive people. Another study on children indicates that children found attractive people more trustable and playful than the others with no attraction. Continue reading Does Beauty Really Worth A Fortune?

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Nose Job Prices

If you care for both your health and beauty, you may want to step in the world of esthetics. Beauty is a subjective term. But in some cases, the ugly or abnormal is a fact. Esthetics is a technology developed for solving these exact issues. Everyone has a certain lifestyle. And among that, they have desires. It is your very right to desire being both beautiful and well-groomed. But you just cannot ignore your financial situation while having these desires. Therefore, you might need to have a good research. Esthetical operations have certain prices and it cannot be out of these amounts. But, convenient payment options can be offered. Quality of service and quality of treatment are related to each other. Continue reading Nose Job Prices

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Plastic, reconstructive and esthetics surgery is a specialty gathered after 6 years of medical education in medicine faculty and following 5-6 years of training. Lately, there is a confusion in our country with all the terms of; ESTHETICIAN, HAIR TRANSPLANTATION EXPERT, MEDICAL ESTHETICS EXPERT, FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY EXPERT, COSMETIC SURGEON etc. These professions are not accepted by laws and regulations in Turkey, and it also let others to have a cover for doing our job. Continue reading PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT

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Rhinoplasty Prices

Nose job, with general or local anesthesia, usually takes around one or two hours and it is advised to be in touch with doctors after the operation. Bruises and swelling will be observed for one to two weeks. The stabilizing plaster should not be in contact with water for a while and bandages should not be stained by makeup. These operations are easy and can be made for a low cost. Even rhinoplasty prices differ from doctor to doctor; there is a specific price along the sector. Continue reading Rhinoplasty Prices